Friday, January 1, 2010

I wish I could have been your friend as before,now that we are no more friends.Its neither ur nor my reason that caused this,its the way we think and we believe that defines ourselves maybe your beliefs and mine had changed as we see life in different perspectives.....
don't be sad dear it was not your fault that you misunderstood me rather it was our beliefs that be-fooled us.
I hoped for a proper friendship having all the blends of life making us feel enchanted,up headed with pride of being friends,unfortunate enough this hope got drowned in the cloud of arrogance as many others were

this is me,an unmindful boy.Being in two minds its hard for me to stay where I have to be.I have my own world with a substantial coexistence in my mind,redefining every aspect in my own words for this undiscovered world.Might be some frenzy to keep this things but they give me a lot of pleasure to move on.These are my progeny,my own world.Wikipedia called it limerence and medical science defines it as a cognitive repetitive syndrome and I call it my reason to stay as I am.