Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Very softly

Very softly and very gently the river told me, that I am to be blamed for this indignity, I have lied with the stupendous alacrity of the stable attachment, the experiment never started, and its being put to an end. Sadomasochism is what we call to the sudden melancholia affliction, the sudden emptyness that are involuntary. Free fall flow river flow, I am very happy to drown myself, and play around in the uncertainty, this is what our forefathers wanted from us, manhood.
Please believe me, if you don't need me
I'm going back I need a little time

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Winter Solstice

Don't talk to me girl
When you do so
You remind me of good things
That ought not to come
Like strawberries in rum.

Coz when we talk
We talk of being together
With conflicts in conscience
Dare not we see each other
And stay with the difference we nurture.

Altogether difference pays the tax
Of our being polite
Of some sort of acceptance
There's all in all difference
Don't you see that again

Our vengeance has surpassed the surreal
And consumed our fruitless endeavour
And me too is however
Far from my zeal to conquer

Let's not say the good things again
Be like that when we used to be sane
For they don't matter today
We'll happen without yesterday.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Based on true story

Stoicism with masochism is like deadly poisonous gas filled balloon, that is eventually going to explode. Explorations of the narcotic driven soul and functioning organs are mystically disapproving. Hence the solid state of the head and hands are taken into consideration, with a conventional method of finding an algorithm, that takes a floating individual from jupiter island to the soft parade. Hail to the indispensable fascist ruler, and raise the wand to curse the opponent, incission through the head. I heard that an octopus is always floating in the water, like free fall, the river stopped to protect us, it only takes the remnants of the body, that which has not been drowned before.