Friday, August 13, 2010

I saw you again

You were just passing through the crowd
Helping yourself all over from the start
Your eyes pitch black bordered
You look like one of the living dead
Wasting and waiting for years in silent rage
"You are so changed
You are so changed".
Who knows what dream you have in your mind?
What are you going to do with your might,
What surprise is waiting for us
That some stupid girl will turn down the glass
And wine will not be there sparkling her skies
She will be the under the thousand stars
Showing her witchcraft,juggling her kohl-lined eyes.
Just waiting to witness
The unseen coincidence

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wish You Were Here

Bob Dylan said it right "Answer is blowin in the wind".And look at those dreadful eyes shouting for justice.Struggle for existence had taken away their loved ones in a accident like event.India had not experienced any chemical disaster as such and this one epitomized all of its kind,the Bhopal Gas Tragedy - Hiroshima of chemical disaster with a 15000+ dead and 20000 permanently maimed. No no it was just a coincidence, the wind was blowing in the wrong direction,the factory workers were relaxing for a moment,the antidotes to gas intoxication were not known,no kind of SOS information could be sent.Though the company was running machines from the times of British raj,all the forecasts about a chemical mishaps were just some instants of juvenile thoughts.Money being always the only concern and that too with the forsaken lives of a town. Judiciary system of India always had sympathy for the condemned, and they were released with a compensation of 50000 rupees.Question comes are we safe under the administration that is ready to compromise our lives for just some money? So what is the kind of security we are having from our government? This can be the story of any of the city and we really have nothing to do than dying in the name of lord. I just wish you were, to sing aloud with me "And how many miles must a man walk down"

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


A friend of mine once told me that love is nothing but an attractive force that exists between two organisms. I am indulged in theoretical discussion of these forces that are similar to the forces commonly known in the physical world. Comparing the types of love with the types of natural forces I came to the conclusion love can be of three types
Gravitational love,
Magnetic love and

Electric love.
Before any complication arises between the readers I would like to clear them all what are the different types of loves that psychiatrists define

We come to Agape first. Agape is the love for an object for a person for an animal or anything that exists in this world. This is sometimes called Christian Love, but being impartial I know this fact every religion teaches us to have Agape for the world. Now compare it with gravitation. What theory says is that gravitation is the attractive force that exists between two bodies having certain mass kept at a certain distance. It is dependent upon the magnitude of the mass and the gravitational field strength of the masses along a straight line.
Next we come to Storge, it is the love that exists in the form of affection. T
he love of parents, classmates and persons married for 10 years! This can be called friendship, kinship, affection or just emotional support with negligible erotic passions. It is a combined effect of gravitation and magnetism.
Eros gives a different concept of love. It is sometimes called Hollywood love. The amount of passion and ecstasy that is associated with it gives this name. Eros can be compared with magnetic attraction that exists between two magnets. Eros can be sometimes repulsive and non-responsive. It is a fact that romance is short lived. Magnets have two poles North and South, so as Eros love can be very enjoyable and entertaining at times, people in Eros love feels thems
elves attracted to the loved ones, but this can happen that similar poles are faced to two persons and then the egocentric clash and feeling of getting repelled by the onetime romantic partners can be experienced. That is why many love birds are ultimately broken apart and never got united due to their egocentric barriers, but as the law says if the poles are faced in opposite direction only then attraction is possible. That is why scientist says to the broken hearts “change your poles [attitudes]”.
Examples of Mania love can be obtained in the film “Taxi Driver”. It is a strongly passionate and erotic love that is sometimes like a roller coaster ride with emotions. Mania love is sometimes dangerous because of strong emotional impulse that drives a person crazy. Mania can be accounted for a magnetic substance being consistently attracted to a magnet, the former being the victim of the magnetic force. Film actors, cricket players, sometimes beautiful women create this magnetic field of attraction [mania] that their fans suffer from.

Ludus love is game playing love. It is a game of pursuits and conquests. It is accompanied by lack of any commitment rather it is mostly physical attraction oriented. It can be compared to electromagnetic force. This force is dependent upon the combined magnitude of charge and the magnetic field strength of the two matters involved. It can be attractive or repulsive in nature, so as Ludus love can be attractive or repulsive depending upon the external attractiveness and personal achievements of the individuals involved.
Next come to Pragma, it is the rational love that is entirely dependent upon materialistic gains, means a person is attracted to another person preferably due to his or her fame, degree, money, family background and other practical achievements. Example: The film “Pretty Woman”. This is more rational love than emotional love and it is the kind of love we feel for the politicians [no pun intended], rockstars, filmstars, cricket players etc etc. This is purely static electricity, Coulomb’s Law define them. The electrostatic attraction is always dependent on the charge content of the materials involved and it can be severely repulsive if the charge type is similar, that is why two filmstars can never remain happily together for long. A slight difference in mentality is preferable in Pragma love.

We make a comparative study of the love types in a linear scale that is defined with magnitudes of forces