Sunday, July 4, 2010

This side story

Story of ordinary boy with a weak physique compelling him to indulge in lucid dreams.He kept on dreaming and hoping that oneday he will be introduced to his fate,his love.Searches desperately for his love,and fails all the time.His despair is aggravated,he falls into temptations.He intends to love someone and puts himself into a mind of getting her love.But her love was not for him,for someone else maybe.But when wishes turns into despair then obsessions takes place of love.So a maniac lover is born who knows his fate was going to be changed,still desperately trying to be the bird of someones' eyes which had some other dreams.God grace he met someone very like him,having passions as same as his.And see how he blushes and smiles at his friends' mocks.He is attracted to her and she too,he talks with her and she too,he listens to her and she too.They fell in love,their body shivered with lust and pain,mind enticed with love and limerence and they found their lost loves in themselves.The dream continued some seven days and then someday the boy got frightened with himself,he got frightened to dream because he knew he was incapable of turning dreams into reality.He was impractical,a dreamer,a weak person having no fixed goals,no persevearance,no commitments to life,and he restricted his dreams.His love was suppressed she didn't even got a single bit of hint of what had happened,she just intended to make him happy,to talk with him.But no nothing happened,just another failure for the girl and the boy.And this time the boy chose to fail.She didn't lose her hope.Waited for the happy days,dreamt of the good days that were not going to come.Still asking what had happened to you,why are you so sad?Have I done anything?Why are you so down? The chapter ended there commencing the eternal journey of life of the two restless souls.They might not meet each other like before,they might forget the cause of their limerences,the only satisfaction is that they are heading towards the same destiny,towards the same freedom they cherish in their dreams.This is the story of the rockstar and the philosopher.