Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our day

My dear friend
                        this day is going to come
                        that will be our day at last
                        you need not worry at all
                        the bells will jingle only for us.
My lovely friend
                        we might shiver in the cold of the night
                        but our hearts will burn in desire
                        we won't get lost in the crowd
                        we'll tightly hold each other.
My sweet friend, you know
                        time has never been for us
                        never been in our favour
                        we'll be strong to overcome that
                        and only seek for what we care.
My caring friend
                        we'll trample through the market
                        in the cold christmas night
                        we'll run across the busy traffic
                        in a frenzy of certain kind.
My strong friend
                        we'll run a mile to catch the bus
                        to the place where we belong
                        we'll slow down for a cigarette puff
                        and get drunk all night along
                        you might feel cold, in need of warmth
                        I'll hold you tight, no guilt at all
                        you'll have my trust, I'll have your faith
                        we'll stay like this on christmas night.
My forever friend
                        our time might run fast for us to stay
                        but I promise you it will be our day
                        even when this day won't come at all
                        I'll keep on trying to have it on
                        We'll have this day forever in mind
                        It's memories will make us look behind
                        we're uncertain how time goes with us
                        but I promise this day will be for us.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


there were bruises on my shoulder
that I incurred of my past
there she was leading me here
to the song that didn't last

a friend she was, while years passed
a friend she made, who'd care for us
the song was sung
the fingers crossed
our confused past put an endless scar
and she made me lose to her

it was pain for me to let go of them
of them who served my fate
its hard when she keeps believing me
and I'm heavy with regrets

a dream she made of me when I rambled on
a dream she made while I fooled around
this pain she bore
with hopes untold
she found me now while I discover
that she made me lose to her