Sunday, February 27, 2011


With the advent of modern technology the world changed, and today with the discovery of a surveillance system project three lives changed. Professor Amiya Kr. Sarkar from E.C. department and his senior student Aurobindo Saha gave the spark to the fire, that three graduation students figured out the measures for overall protection of a house, the name of the project derived from the Mahabharata, “Kavachh”. After the semester exams we three- Souvik Ghosh, Shashank Saurav, Ritwik Das with some 3 weeks left to realise the job had no idea of what was coming next. Thanks to all our best wishers and mentors we got every resource at ease, and till the D day of Science and Engineering Fair held at Birla Industrial and Technological Museum our days were tangled in circuit boards and microchips!!! Starting from 12th January 2011 the five days of the fair included participants as well as visitors from all over India involving more than 50 projects at demonstration. With all the oratory expertise we made a history of demonstrating the project to about 700+ audiences, including the young children least interested in the project but attracted to the Barbie house decoration made to it, all our feedback forms got filled up in 2 days with appraisal. “The three tier security provided by laser sensor, IR motion sensor and L.P.G. sensor with password locking system and automatic alarm generation, wireless message transmission to remote location reminds of James Bond films” – commented one of the guest participants on this project. At the end of the fair we knew that our project had caught the attention of the judges, but our hands remained ice cold in uncertainty till we heard the announcement “the prize goes to HOME SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM by Ritwik Das, Shashank Saurav and Souvik Ghosh”, that was a delight.
From the judges’ point of view our James Bond project got critical recognition as one of the most technically innovative projects presented. From there we never had to look for success, it followed our way. Our nominations for INFOCOM ’11 became eventual result of the large scale applicability of the project in commercial fields and modern housing societies. INFOCOM, the largest IT fair in Eastern India, was scheduled to be inaugurated on 15th February, with the finest of the project from all over India exhibited together under National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture. It was going to be a Clash of the TITANS. The three musketeers got immense enthusiasm from this and we again put our best efforts to develop this project with advanced features. The result was visible, incorporation of camera surveillance at the doors and the working of a mobile phone as GSM module that can act as a calling device controlled by microchip, in case of emergency it sends a call to a registered number. These advancements startled the eyes of the entrepreneurs and businessmen from the very beginning, even the fellow competitors who could not help but release their frustrations!! The day of the judgement had all three of us holding our breaths as we came across similar project with better features by participants from Kerala. Because of the acknowledgement received from the judges namely Mr. Ashok Ganguly, director of Ananda Bazar Patrika limited, official sponsor of the event, we had some superstition of getting recognized, so we kept our eyes and ears open and eventually the day was for us. We got the third prize beating our potentially advanced competitors from B.E.S.U. Shibpur and many more. Ours was the project that attracted most number of audience for its guaranteed application and cheap installation charges and their impression on project ‘Kavachh’ paved our way for the ascertained glory, of us three and our college.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What is it like to be paranoid

Paranoia, a well known classical word descending from the greek synonym of madness. I met a professor turned philosopher recently, according to him this world is a relative case of paranoia, everyone seems to be living on a linear scale of madness, the magnitude is the only thing that matters. I have never tried any kind of hallucinogen in my life, but my explorations over that part of the world is intent. I am in love with such people who keep themselves addicted to drugs, I have learnt from them that nothing is wrong in their world untill the state of illusion is over.Yet I being thoughtful about life(I am addicted to it) I find interest in their philosophy that they intend to exhibit. My love thus getting irrational day by day. My family had a visitor last month, my close relative she is, and her family had taken this for granted that we are going to take care of her forever and ever. I found some tremendous similarity with Indir thakurani of Pather Panchali, a helpless, hopeless and worthless widowed mother, knowing that her children are not willing to take her responsibility, as all the assets are handed over much before, turned into a painful existence. I am exploring the mind of the mother and getting to see the world around in her eyes. Its painful indeed, if  I see from the point of a stranger, she is thriving for a straw, that will drag her mortal existence properly, she believed that straw to be her children and with that hope she nurtured them with all her love(irrational feelings) and this turned out to be different, the children grew up into rational beings who intended to serve those who served them. It doesnt matter who nurtured them or who loved them, it matters who serves them. Film Dhobi Ghat gave me a jerk through its story, it was a film for critics, not for entertainment, even I being solely focussed in the amount of entertainment obtainable from it failed to connect with it. Its the same melancholia portrayed over a city, its nothing extraordinary, rather the most ordinary way of life, portrayed like a reality show, and we are watching it with drowsy eyes, with a series of headaches and time checks, a multitude of assignments and projects in our mind. We are a part of what is portrayed, so we can't view it, even I am no exception to it. The old woman who remained numb to everything was the bird eye view of the film. When I'll be getting paranoid, releasing neurohormones then I can passively view life, like what the film intended to show. I can't say that active viewpoint is superior to passive viewpoint,or viceversa. Both are having the same justification of existence and as a matter of fact both coexist. I'd rather follow the diplomatic idea of the professor, everything depends on the magnitude.