Friday, February 7, 2014

Hope and Horoscope

Just stalking your mind
The darkness inside the domine
And empty spaces between us
Has the hope of divine sunshine
Not changing the fate indeed
I'm not that pristine
Happiness is in store for you
And the satisfaction is mine
Take this as your horoscope
As our fate is sublime.


somewhat strange as it may seem
no worries behind, no troubles foreseen
I'm gonna stay up all the night
play my song on a six string...alright

trouble keeps on coming to us
hurls at us lifeless carcass
even if we know our inside hurts
we get past through all the circus

whoever leaves us we don't know
whatever makes us craving for a go
whenever they wanted whatever we do
its all the same whack, playin the blue

life is too boring and short for us
we'd be dating zombies for a pass
trade our eyes for warmer hearts
and roll up in our divine grass

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

the blank

in the cold grazing land
the cowboy flicker his wand
for herding the mustang
to return to the blank

pieces of memories remnant
makes way to the distant
i'll take all that I can
on my return to the blank

singing aloud her song
the maid was already gone
listen to the hymn she sang
on the journey to the blank

whiter than the desert sand
a spark of vision that I ever had
cant leave behind my hideous pang
on transit to the blank