Thursday, December 29, 2016

Self Image

Lonely days and ugly nights

The fog replace the sight of a beautiful world

Where I used to stay before

Hollow face and starry eyes

The cold surrounds the joy of a warm smile

Where I found myself before

Behold now, let the spirits overflow

From here now, have no place else to go

Be calm now, keep your ridgety fidgety sickly ricketty paralysed self image to yourself


In the white pillow digs

Been down to yours

Spare the moonlit sorrow

While the red lips grow

All the senses cry for

Some meaner tricks

To your sixth sense sorrow

Bury me deep

What you were yesterday

You can't hold them back

While your age crisis sway back and forth

Your misfit jeans that stay in cupboard

Your endless trial for looking for love

And last good try to dream like before

Had finished burning every bit of paper

It had been just a part of misfortune

Burns are a common thingy

মৃত কবির সংগঠন

এবার, রং মাখানো রাস্তা দিয়ে চলা

ক্লান্ত বুকে আলকাতরার ধোঁঁয়া

এবার মিথ্যে তামাশা নিতে চাইল ছুটি

লোক হাসানোর গল্প জানতে চাওয়া 

বিকেল এখন মেজাজ ঘুড়ি অন্য আকাশ খোঁজা

সকাল আমার আগুনের রোশনাই

জোলো হাওয়া ধোঁঁয়ার আগুন ছুঁয়ে যাওয়া যায়

ছুঁওনা আমার ছিন্নমস্তার ছাই

মন ভোলানোর গল্প বুঝে রাস্তা খুঁঁজে পাওয়া

খানাখন্দ রাস্তা চলা দায়

খেয়াল খুশির আলতো তুষির আড়ালে থেকে

হাজার বছর কাটিয়ে দেওয়া যায়

এবার জ্যান্ত ফুলের গন্ধে মাতোয়ারা

কথার বুকে কঠিন কপাল ঠুকি

এখন মুখ গুঁজে থাক চোয়ালের কঠিন

বুকের খাঁঁজে সবুজ ফিতের উঁকি

শুকনো আলাপ নষ্ট গোলাপ শুধু প্রলাপ বকা

অন্য কথার জন্য গড়িমসি

ছায়াছবি মৃত কবি সংবেদনী টান

কবির মুখে কল্লোলিনির হাসি


She holds behind herself
The glare that she bore
She tosses away her little self
In the lonesome sea shore

Her eyes had no tear
Her heart had no fear
She walked towards uncertainty
Year after year

The last time she wore a gown
The last day she sang a song
Now she has no words to speak
Wise to face the unknown

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Rudolf was going to do it. Today is the day. The pilot closed the cockpit door, will be gone for a couple. Co pilot Rudolf locked the door from inside. “Flight GW346 en route, 300 nauts, elevation 35 thousand, acknowledge ”, he spoke in his microphone. The other end was sending the reply, when Rudolf pushed the autopilot off and initiated landing manoeuvre. The plane took a jolt and took nose dive, the cloud was clearing away very fast. Captain Wehrman could not go to the men’s room at all. He charged towards the cockpit door. Rudolf must have fallen unconscious, he shouldn’t have left him alone. The door was locked from inside. Captain asked the hostess to give the combination to open the door, which went in vain. The door was securely locked from inside. The whole picture started getting clear. The descent wasn’t any different, with the sunny sky behind, and the dark alps zooming in, little Elvis found it amusing. Wehrman kept on pounding the door, which he believed would open up by some miracle. Rudolf was clear in himself. He was going to take everyone with him, this was something he dreamed of, his eyes weren’t getting any better, the retina was getting weaker everyday. The only option that would be left to him would be to beg, a blind beggar. He had his fate sealed, there was no escape. Since that day he is contemplating his death, how he is going to make it big. He can die in nihilistic paranoia taking everyone with him. This gave him a sense of purpose, all that he will be doing will be a preparation for the eventual. This day has come, he felt like God. He is taking all the God’s children to sleep, keeping aside their pleas and wishes. The descendant of death would not listen to anyone either. Its a part of life. Accept it, Rudolf spoke in himself, as if the pilot can hear him beyond all the screaming and banging. The right wing hit a mountain, and the plane bent sidewards, creating a large cry for life. Wehrman wasn’t losing hope, he tried all his cards, talking into issues, making positive suggestions, asking questions, re-freshing the mindset, none of which worked. It was time, the green mountain were getting dark, the cry of the passengers were getting dampened, that little child was rejoicing the event, maybe he knows he will be going back to where he came from. So did everyone. The impact happened at 450mph in the Alps. There were no survivors among the 150 onboard. Debris that was left for identification was only the flight stabilizers, and a part of the fuselage, burnt beyond recognition.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

lie to me

hold your heart
hide your scars
try not to remember
what is gone
has to go forever

feed yourself

pout your lips
look away from my glimpse
tell a lie
that'll always be sweeter

lie to me, as you always do

I might be hard, not much as you
We'll face the world without a clue
just make the whole story, look good

three little words

I might have asked
fake your smiles with flabbergast
nothing's wrong
being loved like this

have your breakfast

take advice
sink your eyes on your smart device
look little shy
that'll always be safer

tell me lies of fancy sky

We'll have our trip on an airline
go together to a foreign land
just let the whole story, look good.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Beatles' guide to love a girl

Hey jude,
Don't you think you are too much wasted to fall in love for another time? Still you are my favorite, so I want you to stop dreaming and start living for this moment. Remember to let the heart beat in its pace, so that you can stay alive. And in order to make it better, play some sad song in your guitar. You don't have to be afraid, but you have to have a clear conscience to look into things that really matter. Don't you know that your shoulder is the place where she will rest her head, so better let all the strength build up inside you. You could stop carrying the world upon your shoulder, and slowly you can find your world in her. Let it in and let it out of you, as if she had been always there for you, you were the fool to act cool and stay away from her. Now that you know you are happy to be with her, and to have her under your skin, your head starts to act indifferent, as a refusal to change. Get over with that, for it is going to be a change for the good.