Friday, April 30, 2010

Lost in desire

I just wished someone to be beside me and that wish became a desire and that desire became lust.I lost my control,lost my senses,lost my patience and got drowned in pain and despair.My independence got compromised,fate got channelized to some utopian achievements,henceforth I fell in LOVE.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Just realized my mistake and pretended to pass by
Eyes thirsty,needs some glance of your eye
Just then the rickshaw paved its way
My senses trembled with a blissful sway
Felt the urge to follow your lips;I turned to you.
Yes my wish was granted,it was you
Your lips,I could see now,your eyes too
Intending the unspoken desire to touch you
I forced myself to speak
The tar soaked on your injured legs
Was just a cause of the coincidence
Hope you get well soon and
pay them back in their coins
How will this happen again ,dear?
That I'll get my sunshine in those eyes?
That I'll be talking to you some sense
That I'll hold your hand after several tries
Leave it on the coincidence,rockstar
We'll meet again.