Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our day

My dear friend
                        this day is going to come
                        that will be our day at last
                        you need not worry at all
                        the bells will jingle only for us.
My lovely friend
                        we might shiver in the cold of the night
                        but our hearts will burn in desire
                        we won't get lost in the crowd
                        we'll tightly hold each other.
My sweet friend, you know
                        time has never been for us
                        never been in our favour
                        we'll be strong to overcome that
                        and only seek for what we care.
My caring friend
                        we'll trample through the market
                        in the cold christmas night
                        we'll run across the busy traffic
                        in a frenzy of certain kind.
My strong friend
                        we'll run a mile to catch the bus
                        to the place where we belong
                        we'll slow down for a cigarette puff
                        and get drunk all night along
                        you might feel cold, in need of warmth
                        I'll hold you tight, no guilt at all
                        you'll have my trust, I'll have your faith
                        we'll stay like this on christmas night.
My forever friend
                        our time might run fast for us to stay
                        but I promise you it will be our day
                        even when this day won't come at all
                        I'll keep on trying to have it on
                        We'll have this day forever in mind
                        It's memories will make us look behind
                        we're uncertain how time goes with us
                        but I promise this day will be for us.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


there were bruises on my shoulder
that I incurred of my past
there she was leading me here
to the song that didn't last

a friend she was, while years passed
a friend she made, who'd care for us
the song was sung
the fingers crossed
our confused past put an endless scar
and she made me lose to her

it was pain for me to let go of them
of them who served my fate
its hard when she keeps believing me
and I'm heavy with regrets

a dream she made of me when I rambled on
a dream she made while I fooled around
this pain she bore
with hopes untold
she found me now while I discover
that she made me lose to her

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

reminiscent of a beautiful past(almost gold)

I passed a few memories which I hate to have

You take me here from far
Up to the highest star
You took a part of me
No one else will ever see
And if I gave away
What I am dying to say
I couldn't give you more than this
I was born and it was bliss
I have died for a thousand years
Tasted salt of a thousand tears
And your kiss was almost gold
You took me near, you took me far
Up to the highest, brightest star
You're giving back the exchange
We got something going on
And if I ever fell from grace
With every living human state
Well, I throw the whole thing down
And I take to higher ground
Cast a spell on my surround
Time to think on what I found
This is almost gold

Jesus And Mary Chain - Almost Gold Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

why one wouldn't compare sachin tendulkar to anyone

sachin tendulkar is a common man like us, he was born in a humble marathi family and still is a part of it, we are free to make comparison because we are conditioned by generations to make critical comparisons, that we eventually make at every instant. however in the event of comparison we will stay away from the main concern that bothers us, the greatness of the man. Food for thought, would we want to compare bach with beethoven? or rabindranath tagore with saratchandra chattopadhyay, or satyajit ray with ritwik ghatak, or kishore kumar with manna dey? there can be a lot of examples in the world like this, where there are contemporaries in the same profession, earning the same respect or maybe sometimes a little less. A man lives on his works, so lets face it, sachin tendulkar has only and only stayed focussed in his works, in his world of chasing the dream of a cricketer, he has religiously practiced for 30 years in the fields just to stay focussed to his dreams, to his cricket career, he has got himself injured, rebuked and criticized by others, even there was a time when his tennis elbow was considered the jinx that took away his magic when he failed to score runs, but never did it happen to him that he is incapable of doing better, and eventually everyone started trusting him with runs, with winning matches, with making strategies, with teaching juniors, with winning the world cup. Just like a fairy tale we might see the good times of the man since it was like a fairy tale that this man put us through such an adrenalin rush,we can only see a 5ft tall curly haired man with a shy smile, staying stoic to the waves of exaggeration and reprimand, following his father's teachings of doing our own work and chase our dreams with the belief that dream do come true when we chase it. The fascinating fact is that he belongs to our age, we passed our childhood watching the great strokes of 1996 world cup, we lived our dreams of becoming some cricketer watching the 1998 sharjah match, we ate tons of biscuits and potato wafers to get a one in a 1000 chance to get his autographed card, we spent our teenage looking upto sourav ganguly's team india and its brilliant performance in the first decade of this century including the 2004 world cup and eventually the ms dhoni generation that has exceeded the barrier of a competent cricket team to become the strongest one in the world on 2011 world cup. And throughout this time, the little master has made his efforts to improve, and even in the last day of his cricket match, his eyes were shining like that of a 16 year old enthusiast who is willing to learn from the field. We belong to the age of sachin tendulkar, one who made an example of consistency and changed the course of history through cricket.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013

post rain syndrome

the rain has to stop sometime
slippery roads remain
how did you seem to change I don't know
but I had to change

the fight for our survival
built the nest for our dream
even if I trade your soul
I'll feed it with what I bring

this change is what we needed
we could suffice without a bargain
and the raindrops come pouring again
without a reason to our pain

Monday, June 17, 2013


When thoughts seem to be unreal

And dreams get untrue

Sounds don't reverberate

Muse becomes blue

What's said is less than known

Words lost in a maze

Eyes hidden in frown

Stares turn to shoegaze

All humble wishes of childhood

Exaggerated at start

With time they've grown old

To let love not get hurt

Welcome to the new age drug

Soulless speech of heavy noise

Passive metro dreaming

A life made out of choice