Friday, February 26, 2010

I got out for a walk in your place
I was in need of a coincidence
I wanted to see you.
Gliding through the traffic I took a test of my luck
Eventual misfortune just held you back
No coincidence was waiting for me
I didn't waste time in this love frenzy
Took courage to enter your apartment
Determined to see your nameplate
The watchman intervened,eyes in challenge
Had to retreat from this eccentric rage
Some years later or past
A boy came running to hold your grasp
To find his sunshine in your eyes
And psychedelic orgasm in your lips
Was it you smiling in the shower?
Drenched in the pour of the first summer?
Was it you rockstar?
My friend
College life started with a gush of new emotions,new books and most important of all new friends.Some were easy some were hard, some were sporting some were nerd.With the gift of the Gab I could sense them and tried to befriend them all. Here were some kind of funny girl who came to be my friend, I thought her to be somewhat interesting. In course of time I could realize she was the only girl trying to make random friends like me.Still this ‘cheshta’ is more sincere than anyone could expect.This became an advantage to us, born miscreants of the class .Involving her name in romance with almost all the boys and later girls we tried hard to embarrass her .God knows why she does not get angry but whew we go at least someone cool to bully .Spending one and a half years with her was nothing special though she remained the coolest and most sporting girl of the section. Unfortunately she got no support from the ladies compartment .All of the rest found her straight forward ,rough and nonchalant-not satisfying the criteria of being a girl .She had no commitments at all ,she doesn’t look so great ,only the thing she posses is a great heart that is irrespective of all formalities and complications of city life. We thought it might be due to where she came from ,shantiniketan. Nevertheless she mixed with everyone with the same spirit. She came out to be supporting too ,anyone got a heartbreak go and have a talk to her ,share your grief without hesitation ;if you need someone to share the joy of falling in love with someone she is there for you ;need to approach the class teacher for a holiday or be it the lab manuals to be photocopied soon- all credits to one girl .Today we were having some intellectual discussions and the topic was photography .She again started to comment on that and we again felt the urge to pull her leg .She spoke of her father who had some kind of studio which is still her place of astonishment and nostalgia ;Some of us had to ask why nostalgia and she detonated the bomb ,she lost her father at the age of five .She didn’t want to tell us because she found it indifferent to be a friend out of sympathy .A long pause continued until she spoke “Its okay ,don’t be so sorry.”
I still couldn’t comprehend why is she so different but came to another realization that love comes to us only when we are at loss of it . Proud to be your friend my dear alien.