Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Beatles' guide to love a girl

Hey jude,
Don't you think you are too much wasted to fall in love for another time? Still you are my favorite, so I want you to stop dreaming and start living for this moment. Remember to let the heart beat in its pace, so that you can stay alive. And in order to make it better, play some sad song in your guitar. You don't have to be afraid, but you have to have a clear conscience to look into things that really matter. Don't you know that your shoulder is the place where she will rest her head, so better let all the strength build up inside you. You could stop carrying the world upon your shoulder, and slowly you can find your world in her. Let it in and let it out of you, as if she had been always there for you, you were the fool to act cool and stay away from her. Now that you know you are happy to be with her, and to have her under your skin, your head starts to act indifferent, as a refusal to change. Get over with that, for it is going to be a change for the good. 

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